Membership process

1. Download

Download, fill in and sign (by the authorized representative) as part of the Terms of Reference v1.4:

a. Annex A – Confidentiality and Disclosure Agreement
b. Annex B – Membership Application Form
c. Annex C – Representative Application Form

2. Send

Send a scan of the signed documents via email to

3. Approval

Once received, the membership application will be submitted to the ER-ISAC Co chair for approval.

4. Members

Once approved by the ER-ISAC Co chair, the application will be sent to ER-ISAC Members, where they will have 4 weeks to object.

5. Invoice

If no comments are raised, the membershipfee invoice will be issued and sent for processing and payment.

6. Welcome

You are now a member of ER-ISAC!

In case of questions you can reach us on: